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Message from Superintendent and Board of Trustees

June 9, 2020

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Dear Plano ISD Community,

Many of you have reached out to express your heartfelt concern, hurt and anger over the tragic death of George Floyd. As a school community, the Superintendent and Board of Trustees want you to know that we are listening so that this moment in time becomes an opportunity to engage in a dialogue that creates meaningful change in our District.

Please find below a letter that was shared last week with Plano ISD employees. We are sharing this message with our community to make it clear that racism and discrimination against African American people and people of color have no place in our school district. Plano ISD remains committed to fairness and equity for all students, families, staff members and the community.


Tammy Richards
Board President

Jeri Chambers
Board Vice

Nancy Humphrey

David Stolle

Sara Bonser

Dr. Heather Wang

Angela Powell

Cody Weaver


June 5, 2020

Dear Plano ISD Team,

As educators we understand that when society is hurting, our children, families and staff are hurting. Racism and the injustice in society toward African American people and people of color have caused hurt in our nation, state and community. We may not have all of the answers today, but Plano ISD remains committed to equity and embraces the diversity of the community in which we live and work. 

Together, as a school community, we can show our dedication to caring and a commitment to excellence to make this moment in time one of unity and healing. Our call to action must be grounded on the beliefs held in our strategic plan that in Plano ISD all students, staff and families feel safe, welcome, valued and respected. We must harness what we are learning today to better serve our students and families.

We must be role models to our students and one another as we demonstrate our commitment to equality with understanding and compassion for one another. By fostering partnerships with parents, staff, students and community, we can ensure an even brighter future for Plano ISD students.

As your superintendent, I believe one of the most important things we can do is to listen with our hearts. We must seek to understand so that within our organization and community, through our words and our actions, we strengthen a culture of kindness, acceptance and empathy that empowers our students to succeed in the dynamic world in which we are living. 


Sara Bonser