• Curricular Organizations

  • Academic Decathlon

    A team of 9 specially selected students that compete in 10 rigorous academic events

    Dusty Vincer - dusty.vincer@pisd.edu
    Brandon Pedigo - brandon.pedigo@pisd.edu
    Richard Sklar - richard.sklar@pisd.edu

    American Sign Language (ASL)

    Sponsor(s): Laurie Kobe - laurie.kobe@pisd.edu


    AVID is a program in which students from the academic middle are selected and supported while taking rigorous courses in order to prepare for college. Most are first generation college-goers and will have been in the program for the required three years in order to ensure success and completion of a college degree.

    Sponsor(s): David Pulsipher - david.pulsipher@pisd.edu

    Chemistry Club

    Sponsor(s): Karen Compton - karen.compton@pisd.edu

    Chinese Club

    Sponsor(s): Leslie Wen - leslie.wen@pisd.edu

    Computer Science Club

    Sponsor(s): Ann Horton - ann.horton@pisd.edu

    Criminal Justice Club

    Sponsor(s): Donald Weaver - donald.weaver@pisd.edu


    (Association of Marketing Education students)

    Students who have previously taken, are currently taking, or plan on taking a Marketing Education class are eligible to join DECA.

    Sponsor(s): Jason Duncan - jason.duncan@pisd.edu

    Economics Club

    Sponsor(s): Richard Sklar - richard.sklar@pisd.edu

    Environmental Science Club

    Sponsor(s): Kristen Shapiro - kristen.shapiro@pisd.edu

    Epic (East Performance In the Community)

    EPIC is a choir that is made up of choir students as well as any other student who wishes to sing with the group. The group performs at community events, churches, malls, etc. It was designed to allow those students an opportunity to be a part of a club even though they may not have room in their schedules during the day. EPIC meets one evening a week--usually on a Monday night. The idea is to have about 1 performance every two months.

    Sponsor(s): Danny Knight - daniel.knight@pisd.edu

    FCCLA (Family,Career and Comunity Leaders of America)

    Leadership organization that provides many community service opportunities. A student who joins must be enrolled in at least one of the Family and Consumer Science classes. The FCCLA projects and competitions are related to the subjects taught in our department and address important personal, family, work, and societal issues

    Gayla Vaughan - gayla.vaughan@pisd.edu
    Lois Conwell - lois.conwell@pisd.edu
    Raylene Eldridge - raylene.eldridge@pisd.edu


    Sponsor(s): Sam Harrison - sam.harrison@pisd.edu, Halfmann, Jackson

    Fashion Club

    Sponsor(s): Gayla Vaughan - gayla.vaughan@pisd.edu

    French Club

    Pauline Sinnamon - pauline.sinnamon@pisd.edu

    German Club

    Sponsor(s): Laura Whitten - laura.whitten@pisd.edu

    HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America)

    A student organization whose mission is to promote career opportunities in health care and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people. We have monthly meetings that include guest speakers, service projects, and planning for competition. Students that have been enrolled in a health science class are also eligible to compete in health related events at the area, state, and national levels

    Sponsor(s): Sandra Thorson - sandra.thorson@pisd.edu

    IBSSA Students for Service and Assistance

    IBSSA is a program geared for IB students to have a venue for CAS hours. Another focus of the IBSSA organization is to raise funds for scholarships for IB exams.

    Karen Holloway - karen.holloway@pisd.edu
    Donna Sewell - donna.sewell@pisd.edu
    Kathy Witcher - kathy.witcher@pisd.edu


    Sponsor(s): Abby Cole - abby.cole@pisd.edu

    Yearbook & Journalism Page


    Sponsor(s): Bernard Aikens - bernard.aikens@pisd.edu

    JROTC site

    Junior World Affairs Council of DFW (JWAC)

    The purpose of the Junior World Affairs Council is to help high school students gain insight, understanding, and information about international affairs. The high school Council is linked to the International Education Initiative of the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Ft. Worth. Students in J-WAC attend DFW Council programs off-campus, participate in Academic WorldQuest competition, host international visitors on campus, and participate in international community service projects. J-WAC meets bi-weekly after school with activities during and after school and on weekends throughout the year.

    Sponsor(s): Lee Ann Yates - leeann.yates@pisd.edu

    LASER (Learning About Science And Engineering Research)

    This organization promotes research and experimentation in the sciences and engineering at the high school level. LASER provides opportunities for students to become familiar with science and science related programs offered at the top universities in the nation. We recognize the significance of research in human affairs and the importance of humane and ethical principals in the application of research results. We have a talented group of youth who participate in many science events as well as other social events throughout the year. We also are involved with students in the elementary and middle schools. Our goal is to spark an interest in science that will carry over into career choices of the future. LASER students participate in numerous science competitions including: Texas A&M - Texas Junior Science Humanities Symposium, State and International Science Fairs, Texas Junior Academy of Science at Texas A&M, Siemans science competition, and hopefully robotic competitions in the near future.

    Sponsor(s): Julie Baker - julie.baker@pisd.edu

    Math Club

    • UIL Math Competitions
    • Mandelbrot
    • TXML
    • AMC

    Sponsor(s): Ryan Buehrer - ryan.buehrer@pisd.edu

    National Art Honor Society (NAHS)

    Colin McGrane - colin.mcgrane@pisd.edu

    National Honor Society (NHS)

    Maggie Osborne - maggie.osborne@pisd.edu
    Rhett Carter - rhett.carter@pisd.edu

    PAL (Peer Assistance Leadership)

    Reggie Carrell - regina.carrell@pisd.edu

    SKILLS USA (Culinary Arts)

    Teaches the importance of developing leadership skills, positive attitudes and pride in workmanship. Texas SkillsUSA students associate schoolwork with real work. Texas SkillsUSA prepares students for employment by introducing them to corporate quality culture. Texas SkillsUSA emphasizes respect for the dignity of work, high standards in trade ethics, superior workmanship, quality and safety. Students must be enrolled in Culinary Arts or Restaurant Management to compete.Student projects and competitions are directly related to what we are learning in the classroom.

    Sponsor(s): Lois Conwell - lois.conwell@pisd.edu

    SKILLS USA (Auto)

    Sponsor(s): Ross Craig - ross.craig@pisd.edu

    Spanish Club

    Sponsor(s): Ioana Radulescu - ioana.radulescu@pisd.edu

    Auto Mechanics (VICA)

    Sponsor: Ross Craig - ross.craig@pisd.edu


    Sponsor: Evelio Villarreal - evelio.villarreal@pisd.edu


    Sponsor: Kay Garvin - kay.garvin@pisd.edu

    Synechdoche of Scrawls

    Sponsor: Diane Porter - diane.porter@pisd.edu


    Sponsor: Gavin Mundy - gavin.mundy@pisd.edu

    Treble Makers

    Sponsor: Danny Knight - danny.knight@pisd.edu

    Physics Club

    Sponsor: Michael Adams - michael.adams@pisd.edu

    Psychology Club

    Sponsor: Linda Cox - linda.cox@pisd.edu

    Vocational Ag

    Sponsor: Sam Harrison - sam.harrison@pisd.edu