• Wellness Resources

    The Plano ISD is committed to the well-being of our employees. In addition to coverage for well-care and preventive services under the medical plans, the district offers on-site flu shots.

    For employees and their family members who are enrolled in one of the TRS-ActiveCare medical plans, disease management programs are available through the medical plan administrator. These programs provide education, information, and assistance to persons with conditions such as asthma and diabetes.

  • Flu Shots

    The aches, the throbbing head, the congestion and fever. Follow these prevention strategies from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control to stay your healthiest.

    • Get stuck.  A flu vaccine is your best defense against the flu.  It's particularly important for those who are at high risk, including seniors, infants, pregnant women, and people with chronic conditions such as asthma or compromised immune systems.  Ask your school nurse about the vaccine availability at your school.
    • Wash up.  Germs abound during flu season, and they're easily passed from one person to another.  Wash your hands often with soap and warm water, cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough, and try not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.
    • Stay home.  If you're feeling sick, take time off to get better and avoid spreading the virus to co-workers, friends, and family.  Keep sick kids home from school, and avoid contact with people you know have the flu.

    The Plano ISD is not able to provide shots to employees' family members, contracted personnel, volunteers, students, or anyone who is not a PISD employee.

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    Wellness resources are linked only as a convenience. Information, services, products, and vendors mentioned are not endorsed by Plano ISD.