• Written Testimonials

Muy agradable la clase, mucha amabilidad paciencia y puntualidad de parte de las maestras para nosotras, me encanta venir y deseo seguir aprendiendo con la maestra Clarissa.

The class is very nice. Teachers are very nice, arrive on time and are very patient. I love to come to class and wish to continue learning with Ms. Clarissa.

Parent from Forman Elementary

Las maestras tienen mucha paciencia con sus estudiantes y muchos deseos de que nosotros aprendamos.

Teachers are very patient with us and they really want us to learn.

Parent from Dooley Elementary

Gracias a estas clases tengo mas conocimiento sobre todo con la computadora, muy agradecida con las maestras por su ayuda y paciencia.

Thanks to these classes I have more knowledge of computers. I am very thankful for the teachers, their help and patience.

Parent from Forman Elementary

Ms. Carter and Kattia are very serious with their jobs, always wanting to teach us more computer skills. Very patient and encouraging. A lot of thanks to them.

Parent from McMillen

Thanks for your time and patience! Classes have helped me to communicate better with my son's school teachers.

Parent from Thomas Elementary

De mi parte les estoy muy agradecida a las maestras por su paciencia y su tiempo de ayudarme a mejorar mi ingles. muchas gracias.

For my part I am very appreciative for the teacher's patience with helping me improve my English. Thank you!

Parent from Carpenter Middle School

Thanks to the Excel class I took on the Mobile Lab I was able to get a job at a bank.

Parent from Beaty ECS