• What do I do if I contract COVID-19, or I am ordered to quarantine or isolate by the local health authority?

    • Do not report to work
    • Notify your supervisor and follow the normal absence reporting procedures for your Campus/Department
    • Submit your information here
      • Health Services will contact you for additional information 

  • What if I need to be away from work to care for someone else who has COVID 19 or my child's school or daycare provider is closed due to COVID 19?

    Follow normal absence reporting procedures for your campus/department.  Your absences will use your accrued leave.

  • What do I do if I am anxious or afraid due to COVID 19?

    • Employee Assistance Program provides up to 6 free counseling sessions per employee.
    • There are many other resources available for support on their website: See PISD website for more information: COVID 19 Resources/EAP general resources

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