• Booster Club Return to School Guidelines

    Booster clubs must collaborate with and seek approval from campus/district administration prior to any event that is planned. 

  • Guidelines for School Wide Events/Activities

    • Campuses are prohibited from planning large attendance events such as all-school assemblies, parties, socials, pep rallies, etc., that bring large groups of students together at one time until further notice. 
    • Administration will follow all Plano ISD, TEA, UIL and government guidelines.
    • Some events may occur virtually.
    • Car parades are not allowed until further notice.
    • To limit larger gatherings, meetings need to be held virtually.

  • Back-to-School Events

    • Since this will be a virtual event, no membership or other sales will be allowed during this time.
    • A short welcome and membership drive video may be made by the booster club that will be linked to the athletic, music, cheerleading or drill team website.
    • Social media campaigns are recommended as an additional way to connect.
    • Any information will need to be shared virtually in the campus newsletter or website.

  • Distribution - Spirit Wear, Yard Signs and Supplies Pick Up

    • The booster club should work with coaches, directors and campus administrators to determine how items are to be distributed.
    • Distribution of materials is for pre-sold items only.
    • No in-person sales for other items during this time. 
    • Flyers for membership may be given. Membership will not be solicited at this time. Any information can be provided in a flyer format.

  • Kick-Off Events

    No events are permitted at this time.

  • Volunteering

    • Volunteers are not allowed to visit campuses at this time with the exception of minimum chaperones that must be pre-approved by the head coach or director.
    • Pre-game meals should be coordinated through the head coach or director. 
    • All other booster club support should be handled virtually until further notice.

  • Fundraisers

    All fundraisers will be coordinated with the head coach or director prior to the start of the season. 

    • Only online fundraisers allowed at this time
    • No In-person fundraisers at this time
    • Spirit wear sales should be done virtually


    Protocols for Campus Visitors

    Visitors to campuses will be limited. Campus staff should utilize virtual meeting options to limit campus visitors. At this time, parents should contact the school via e-mail and phone to communicate with school personnel. Access to the campus by parents will be limited to the front office and will be subject to additional screening procedures and PPE requirements listed below. District personnel who require access beyond the front office will wear a face covering.

    Visitor Screening/PPE Requirements

    • All visitors will be subject to screening by responding to a symptom list before entering any Plano ISD facility. Visitors may be subject to random temperature checks. 
    • Volunteers are not allowed to visit campuses at this time (including mentors, college representatives, guest speakers, etc.). 
    • Virtual tools will be used to conduct meetings such as booster club meetings, PTA meetings, ARDs, LPAC, etc.
    • If visitors have COVID-19 symptoms, or are lab confirmed with COVID-19, they must remain off-campus until they meet the criteria for re-entry. 
    • All individuals entering the building will be required to wear face coverings.
    • Visitors will stand behind the shield guard installed at reception desks.
    • Any Individuals permitted to proceed beyond the reception area must follow all safety and campus protocols. 

    Protocols for Common Areas and Meetings

    • The use of virtual meetings/videoconferencing is preferred when possible, including booster club meetings, PTA meetings, ARDs, LPAC and events.  
    • When necessary, administration must create a plan for PTA/booster visitation and areas of use for meetings to adhere to COVID-19 district, campus, UIL and government safety protocols.
    • If meetings must be held in person, all social distancing protocols will be implemented:
      • Facial coverings
      • Six-feet social distancing when possible
      • Limiting the sharing of materials/supplies
  • Contact Us
    For questions about Booster Club guidelines please contact your Club sponsor first, then your campus principal, for any additional questions please contact the following departments

    Finance: (469) 752-8228
    Purchasing: (469) 752-0286
    Athletics: (469) 752-1080
    Fine Arts: (469) 752-3084