• Parent-Led PreK - Grade 6 Virtual Option | August 16 - Sept. 3

    Expectations / Checklists

  • Parent Expectations 

    As your child’s Home Learning Coach, you will need to be available to provide feedback and academic support to your child. By choosing this option, parents agree to the following:

    • Serve as your child’s Home Learning Coach and play an active part in supporting the learning.
    • Create a designated place in your home for your student to use as their remote classroom.
    • Access parent resources to learn how to retrieve online content and assignments for your child. 
    • Watch the direct instruction videos and read content to ensure your child understands the learning expectations.
    • Ensure access to an appropriate device and Internet connectivity. 
    • Set up the daily schedule for your child and monitor completion of assignments and check for understanding.
    • Ensure that independent assignments are completed without assistance.
    • Monitor your child’s understanding and progress in the learning.
    • Help your child own their learning. Provide support and encouragement and expect your children to do their part.
  • Student Learner Expectations 

    • Be prepared for learning each day using the space and schedule you and your parents have designed.  
    • Become familiar with the structure of Google Classroom/Seesaw and other instructional platforms and how to access your assignments. 
    • Log in to the Plano ISD WebDesk each day and engage in assigned learning platforms (including, but not limited to, Google Classroom, Seesaw, Dreambox, MyPath, Edgenuity) daily.
    • Watch assigned videos, complete posted activities and assignments on time.  
    • Ask your Home Learning Coach (parent/guardian) questions when you need help. 
    • Give your best efforts in your school assignments and complete all independent work on your own.

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  • Plano ISD Teacher Expectations

    PK-6 Campus Teachers of Record responsibilities begin when students come to campus for in-person learning (when they are no longer in TVO).

    • Upon entry to campus for in-person learning, the student’s teacher of record will: 
      • Add student to Google Classroom
      • Review progress on the online programs (Dreambox, Pathblazers, etc.)
      • Administer beginning of year assessments 
      • Help student transition to class for in-person learning with SEL and academic support

    Virtual Content Creators: A selected team of PISD teachers at each grade level will work with the curriculum team to create and post content for parents and students who are participating in the Parent Led Temporary Virtual Option.

    • Virtual Content Creators will work with district academic services staff to plan, record direct instruction, post videos and assignments. 
    • Plano ISD scope and sequence and curriculum will be followed 
    • District provided materials and resources will be utilized
    • Virtual Content Creators will not grade or monitor students in the Parent Led Temporary Virtual Option; they are only responsible for instructional planning, providing content and creating assignments.