• Student Technology Equipment Checkout Guidelines

    The World Wide Web is full of resources that support learning.  Access to those resources is not only important while students are on campus, but also when they are home.  Plano ISD aims to ensure that all students can connect to appropriate online tools and content wherever they happen to be located.  For that reason, all K-12 students are eligible to receive a District-issued Chromebook to use at home if needed.  Depending on circumstances, some families may also receive a WiFi hotspot.  Requests for Chromebooks and hotspots should be made through the Parent Portal during annual registration, new student enrollment, or anytime after the school year begins.  Details about technology equipment distribution, including required forms, dates, times and locations, will be communicated by each campus to its families.  Questions about this process should be directed to your home campus(es).

    While no deposit is required to receive these offered items, the District expects all technology equipment to be returned in good working condition. Below, we are providing relevant notification, instructions, procedures, policies, and processes related to the use of district-issued technology equipment. These guidelines are part of our effort to make sure that all students have the instructional materials they need to fully participate in academic programming while ensuring public resources are being effectively managed and maintained.

    Students and their parents/guardians are reminded that the use of PISD Technology is a privilege and not a right. Actions taken or materials accessed on any PISD-owned computer, network, or electronic communication device may be monitored by school authorities. It is the expectation that students will bring any Device/Chromebook to school each day charged and ready to use.

    Technology equipment that is used inappropriately, lost, damaged, or defaced may result in limited or banned computer use, disciplinary consequences, removal from courses, loss of credit, receiving a failing grade, legal action, and/or assessed fees consistent with Policy CMD (Legal).

Student Chromebooks

General Handling and Required Care of Devices / Chromebook