• Setting up your Teacher Page on the PISD Website - Getting Started


    1. Go to the Hotspot’s page on teacher website training: pisd.edu/teacher
    2. Click on the page “About Me (Teacher page example)” to get familiar with the layout of the template.
    3. Click on the page “More Examples Teacher Pages” to see real examples.
    4. The page “Teacher Training Workbook” is a comprehensive training guide. 
    5. Click on the page “Teacher Page Setup”. We will come back to this page soon!

    Sign in

    1. Keeping the Teacher Page Setup page open, open a new tab and go to pisd.edu. (We are going to toggle back to the setup page in the last step.)
    2. Click the User Options gear at the top and click Staff Login.
    3. Enter your PISD username and password to sign in.

     pisd.edu staff login

    Accessing your Campus Staff Page

    1. Browse to your school’s staff page. Your staff page can be found by going to: pisd.edu/schoolname_sp  Example: pisd.edu/pwsh_sp
    2. Find your name and click on it. If you do not see your name, contact your campus webmaster. 
    3. Click “Edit Page” on the right. (Edit Page will ONLY appear if you have signed into the website).

    edit page

    Edit your Page

    1. Open the tab to view the Teacher Page Setup page again.
    2. Follow steps 1-7.
    3. Your campus webmaster is responsible for activating the completed teacher pages.


    Need help?

    Please contact your Digital Learning Team pisd.edu/dlt or campus webmaster (typically your CTA) for help.

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