• WeVideo

    • WeVideo is an online video editor
    • PISD users have access to premium videos, audio, and images 
    • Record your voice (think narration!)
    • Green screen tools
    • Record your screen
    • Teachers can create groups for students to work collaboratively on a project! 
    • Works great on Chromebooks!
    • Access it via the WeVideo Webdesk app

    Teacher Access

    Launch the WeVideo app in Webdesk

    wevideo app

    Instructions for how students add the app are below.

    Create Groups (Teachers Only)

    Teachers can create groups for their students in order to monitor and provide formative assessment (feedback) to your learners. It only takes 5 simple steps:

    1. Click on the Groups tab at the top of your dashboard.

    Image of WeVideo Dashboard

    2. You will see a list of your classes that contain zero members. You can manually add each of your students to those classes, but there is an easier way! Click on the plus sign located on the bottom right corner of the screen.

    Image of Group Page

    3. A new popup window appears. Give your class a title (1st period, 2nd period, etc.) and then click Create.

    New Group Image

    4. You should now see your created class at the bottom of the list. Double click on your new class to open a more detailed view.

    Image of New Group

    5. A group code is provided on the bottom of the left panel. This will be the code you will give your students once they have access to the district account (see student access instructions in the next section).

    Group Code Message


    Student Access


    1. Open Webdesk and add the WeVideo app. Capitalize the W when searching!

    adding wevideo in webdesk app library

    2. Launch the WeVideo app. It should automatically sign you in using your PISD Google account. 

    wevideo webdesk app

    3. Enter the code your teacher has provided on the bottom left corner of your dashboard.

    Join Group Code

WeVideo Summer 2020 Workshop

The Educator's Guide to WeVideo

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.