• Book Creator

    Plano ISD has been selected to participate in a Book Creator Pilot until 5/17/2020!  During this time, we need your help with vetting this creativity tool. Each of you will receive unlimited libraries & access to creating 1,000 books! 


    Good news -- Book Creator can be used in every classroom, no matter the grade.  We appreciate your support and look forward to showcasing the work Plano students publish throughout this trial period. 

    Bonus -- Google Certified Trainers get the premium BookCreator for free! https://bookcreator.com/google-certified-innovators/


    To begin, here are a few resources to have a look at: 


    Next steps   

    1. Create a free account: if you already have one, skip this step
    2. Watch the PISD Book Creator Pilot Intro Video. This 40-minute video will show you everything that you need to get started using Book Creator.
    3. Use it with your students! 🤩


    We all know the best way to vet a new tool is to use it.  The Book Creator Team will guide us through this process and provide every teacher, no matter the subject or grade, with specific simple ways to use it in our classrooms.

    Your Digital Learning Team is always available to help answer your questions and work with you in your collaborative planning teams. In the meantime, check out the Resources for teachers.