• NEW - Zoom Premium for Teachers & Librarians!

    zoom pisd Plano ISD now has premium Zoom accounts for teachers and librarians. You'll find the new "Zoom (PISD)" app in your Webdesk. Please sign out of your old Zoom and follow these directions to activate your new premium account! Instructions for Switching to PISD Premium Zoom Account See also "Zoom Premium FAQs" below.

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  • Zoom Video Conferencing

    Zoom is a webinar platform that lets you connect with other users who also have access to Zoom inside and outside of the school district.

    • To use Zoom on a district desktop/laptop, install the client version from the App Depot (See instructions below)
    • To use Zoom on a Chromebook see these instructions on the Zoom website
    • To use Zoom on a personal computer, you can either install the client version via the Zoom website OR access the web version via the Zoom app in Webdesk
    • User limit: 100 (Basic) 1000 (Premium)
    • Time limit: 40 minutes Zoom lifted the limit!
    • You can chat, share your screen, and record a Zoom webinar. Note that some of these features can only be accessed/activated by the Zoom moderator, the person who creates the meeting.


  • How to get Zoom (install & sign in)

    On a Desktop on the PISD Network

    Get the most out of Zoom by installing the client version. Here's how:

    1. Install Zoom from the App Depot located on your desktop.

    app depot

    2. YOU MAY OR MAY NOT SEE THIS POP-UP DEPENDING ON YOUR SETTINGS. During the installation, if you see this window, check “Remember my choice . . .” then click on Launch Application.

    launch zoom

    3. Once the installation is complete, click OK. A shortcut will automatically be added to your desktop. 

    zoom desktop icon

    4. Sign in with Google using your PISD credentials.

    On a district-issued laptop

    Option 1 - Client version

    Same as above however you MUST be on the network in order to install apps on the PISD network. So bring your laptop to work to install it.

    Option 2 - Web version

    Use the web version of Zoom by launching the Zoom app from Webdesk. Sign in with Google using your PISD credentials.

    On your personal computer

    Option 1 - Client version

    See instructions on the Zoom support page: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/sections/200305583-Desktop

    Option 2 - Web version

    Use the web version of Zoom by launching the Zoom app from Webdesk. Sign in with Google using your PISD credentials.

    On a Chromebook

    To use Zoom on a Chromebook see these instructions on the Zoom website

  • Join a Meeting

    Zoom linked in email

    • It is likely that the meeting moderator sent you an email with the Zoom meeting link embedded in it. Open that email, click on the link, and Zoom will load for you. Be sure to have followed the Zoom installation steps above.

    Meeting ID

    • If you do not have the meeting hyperlink in an email but you do have the Meeting ID, then you can: 
      • Launch the Zoom app from your desktop. 
      • Click "Join a Meeting". 
      • Enter the meeting ID given to you by the moderator.


    • If you join a meeting in which you would like to only be a viewer and not verbally participate, check the boxes to turn off audio and video when joining the meeting. 

    join zoom meeting

  • Breakout Rooms

    Using Breakout Rooms

    Note: Only a Host or a Co-host has the ability to apply breakout rooms. Once breakout rooms have started, the host/co-host has the ability to jump in/out of any room. Watch the video below to see how to broadcast a message and set timers.  

    1. First, enable breakout rooms by going to your Settings and turning it on. 

    zoom settings

    In Settings, scroll down to find "Breakout room" and turn it on.

    zoom breakout room

    2. When you start a meeting, you will see the Breakout Rooms option on the bottom of the meeting screen. 

    breakout rooms

    3. Select how many rooms in which to place the participants, either automatically or manually. 

    Another option is to pre-assign them - How to pre-assign breakout rooms.

    Video on creating breakout rooms

  • 10 Ways to Secure Zoom

    10 ways to secure zoom file

  • Zoom on Chromebook VS. Windows/Mac

    Zoom Comparison Chart (Chromebook vs Windows/Mac)

  • Zoom Support

  • Zoom Premium FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What's the difference between a Basic Zoom account and a Premium Zoom Account?

    A: These new licenses offer greater functionality than the basic (free) accounts many of us have been using since remote teaching and learning started last spring. Among the enhanced features are cloud recording, dial-in phone numbers, increased participant capacity (300) and Single Sign On through Webdesk. Coupled with Zoom’s advanced noise-cancelling technology, break out room capability, and enhanced in-meeting management features (e.g. Mute All, Disable Chat, etc), we believe this tool is a welcome addition to our instructional technology toolbelt.

    Q: Does this mean we can no longer use Google Meet?

    A: Google Meet will remain available and viable for a variety of purposes.  We love the convenience of Meet’s integration with Google Classroom.  Google will soon, however,  place some limits on our version of Meet that may prevent it from being the most appropriate solution in some circumstances.  Notably, all recordings made in our version of Meet will be given a “temporary” designation.  They will expire in 30 days, can’t be downloaded and may not be shared outside of the organization.  Those limitations may be OK in some cases, but not in others.  Google is also making noise cancellation part of it’s premium package (that we don’t have), reducing participants to 100 (from 250) and will no longer be providing dial-in numbers for meetings.  

  • zoom app depot

    Having issues with sound while on a work computer? Be sure to install the Zoom app from the App Depot. 

    Detailed instructions are in the section "How to get Zoom - install & sign in" below. 

Summer 2020 Zoom Presentation

  • Zoom's Best Practices for Securing Your Virtual Classroom

Best Practices for Securing Your Virtual Classroom - Zoom Blog

Best Practices for Securing Your Virtual Classroom This blog was updated March 31 with information about the default setting for Zoom Waiting Rooms. Zoom has helped thousands of schools and teachers around the world quickly shift to remote virtual learning, and we want all of them to have the same productive environment as their traditional classroom settings.