• Parent-Teacher Communication Tools

    The following are some of our favorite tools for improving the school-home connection for teachers and administrators. Notice the common denominator is that parents can subscribe to receive updates. That means that you don't have to spend time entering a gazillion email addresses or phone numbers every time you want to send an update to parents.
    Less work for you!

    Smore - smore.com

    A user-friendly, FREE online newsletter in which parents can subscribe to receive email notifications when you update it with new information. Several schools have purchased a subscription to this service so check with your principal or office manager to see if the paid subscription is an option. Good for any grade level.


    Remind - remind.com

    Remind gives you the ability to compose a one-way mass text via their website and/or app while keeping your personal information private. It's very easy to use and parents can subscribe to receive text updates from you. It will not come from your personal phone number. 


    Google Classroom Guardian Summaries

    You can add a parent/guardian email address to each student's account. They will receive an email with subscription options for either a daily or weekly email with a "guardian summary". More details on how to do this are here: https://www.pisd.edu/Page/15731


    Social Media

    Work with your principal to create a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram account to advertise school events, news, and student/parent notifications. Be sure that the principal has the username and password. Students and parents can subscribe/follow your school accounts on any device. Be sure to read and understand the Plano ISD Social Media Guidelines before posting material to any social media account. The Digital Learning Team would be glad to help you with this!