• How to use calendars in Outlook on Windows

    Access it on a network computer.


    Outlook Calendar Training webpage (adjust calendar view, create an appointment, etc.)

    Helpful Tips

    Organizing your calendars (creating, sharing, viewing, etc.)

    Setting calendar event reminders

    View Calendar & Email Side-by-Side 

    Ever need to see your calendar while still viewing your email?

    On the bottom left navigation bar, right-click the calendar icon: 

    outlook calendar icon

    Select Open in New Window:   

    open in new window

    Now you can see both your email and the calendar side-by-side.

    Drag & Drop an Email to a Calendar Event

    Drag and drop an email onto the calendar icon on the bottom left navigation bar. When you let go, it opens a calendar event for you!
    Bonus Tip: The same goes for creating a new contact. Drag an email from someone who is not saved to your contacts yet and drop it onto the Contacts icon.

    drag and drop

  • How to use calendars in Outlook on the web 

    Access it online from your Webdesk Office 365 app. 


    Microsoft Calendar support webpage (manage appointments, schedule meetings, customize calendar, share calendar)

    Helpful Tips

    20 Outlook Web Tips and Tricks | Microsoft Outlook 365 tips for Email, Calendar, Teams & more (Video, 17 min) 

    Using "My Day"

    From your Outlook email, easily view upcoming calendar events and tasks by clicking the "My Day" icon on the top right menu. 

    my day

    Drag & Drop an Email to a Calendar Event

    From your email, open the My Day panel. Drag and drop email to the calendar section or to the task section to create a new entry.