• Professional Learning Ambassador Network (PLAN) - "PLANners"

    • Designed to build foundational learning for staff related to district-wide initiatives and technology integration.
    • PL Ambassadors, or PLANners, are classroom teachers who will provide training opportunities and support to campus staff as they learn new technology and digital tools, as well as instructional best practices.
    • A great opportunity for teachers to build capacity in leading adult learning, gain training delivery experience, and be the first to learn new digital tools and skills! 
    • Elementary and Middle Schools = 1 teacher for this role
    • High School and Senior High Schools = 2 teachers for this role
    • Stipend = $500

    Year 1

    • The PLANners' main responsibility for the first year is training Skyward/Gradebook to campus staff.
    • PLANners must attend the Skyward train-the-trainer session during the Inspire Conference May 28-30 or Skyward Virtual Training June 13 (PowerSchool link).
    • All PLANners have been provided with a practice Skyward account.

    District Point Person

    Clara Alaniz - Schools that feed into Jasper HS, Williams HS, and Academy HS.
    Leah Heerema - Schools that feed into Clark HS, Shepton HS, and Plano West SHS.
    Fern Johnson - Schools that feed into McMillen HS and Plano East/IB.
    Lilly Jensby - Schools that feed into Vines HS and Plano SHS.


    PLANner support on Skyward: Microsoft Teams Chat

    • PLANners will be added soon.
    • For questions on Skyward use and implementation.
    • Managed by the Student Records Department, Digital Learning Team, and Professional Learning Team. 

    Learning how to use Skyward 

    Helping Families use Skyward

    Technical Problems

    • Help Desk - tsos@pisd.edu, 28767 
    • Campus Technology Assistant (CTA)