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    The Google Form add-on "Email Notifications for Google Forms" allows you to send automatic emails to multiple people when a form is submitted. The example below is for Teacher Walkthroughs.

    Free version limit: 20 form submissions per day

    1. Open your Google Form. 

    2. Add the Email Notifications for Google Forms add-on.

    3. You will need to have email addresses as answer choices before you begin creating the rule for the email notification. For example, you might have a question titled "Teacher Observed". Make the answers in a "Dropdown" list format and each answer choice will be a teacher's email address. 

    teacher observed emails

    Do this for every question that has multiple email addresses to whom you'd like to receive an email. If you need only one person to receive an email, you don't need to create a question just for their one email address. You will have the option to enter an email address when setting up the rule in the add-on. For example, if you want only one counselor to receive this form notification upon submission, you will be able to enter his/her email address in the rule set-up process.

    4. Be sure you have added the add-on. Open the add-on by clicking on the puzzle piece and click "Email Notifications for Google Forms". 

    email notifications for google forms

    5. Click "Create Email Notification" (or if you've already started one, click "Manage Form Settings").

    6. Enter a Rule Name

    7. In the Email Address(es) to Notify section, enter the question field name with 2 brackets on either side. If entering more than one, separate with commas. We suggest copying and pasting the question title here to avoid errors.

    Email address to notify

     8. To edit the email content that will be sent to these recipients, scroll down to "Use a visual editor" and click Edit. This opens the Email Template Designer. Enter a clear Email Subject title. It automatically enters all answers into the email. Click Save if you're happy with that. Or you can click "Add Form Field" on the bottom right and choose only specific answers to appear in the email.

    email template designer

     There are several other choices to customize your email notification. To find out what each of them does, please click on "Learn more" to take you to detailed instructions. This is how we learned how to use this awesome tool!

    learn more

     9. Click Save Rule. Now when anyone completes the Google Form, that rule will be applied immediately. 

    Edit Existing Notification Rule

    1. To open up the rule again and edit it, click on the puzzle piece again to open Add-ons, click on the Email Notifications for Forms, then "Manage Form Settings".

    manage form settings

    2. Click "Edit" under the rule you created. 

    edit rule


    • Test this ahead of time with your colleagues! Ask them to check their email and see how it comes through. Then follow the Edit instructions above if needed.
    • Check your junk mail for the email. 


    Excellent, thorough tutorials on how to use Form Notifications: https://digitalinspiration.com/docs/form-notifications

    Contact the Digital Learning Team for hands-on support!