• ExamView

    Version: Plano ISD uses ExamView Version 6.

    Install: Install the ExamView Test Generator from the App Depot on a district network computer. 

    app depot

    examview in app depot

    ExamView Quick Reference Guide

    ExamView Test Generator

    • Open from PISD Apps – Administrative Tools
    • Ask your CTA for the password ___________________
    • Create a “new question test bank”
    • Name it
    • Add questions
    • Then switch to the Test Wizard to create the test
    • Save the file in your H drive. File formats: .bnk = test bank .tst = test file
    • Publish the test on the LAN. File format: .eot = examview online test

    ExamView Test Manager

    • Open from PISD Apps – Administrative Tools
    • Create a new class (first time only, and remember to save to your H drive)
    • Add/Edit student names
    • Create an assignment – locate the test that was saved on the LAN
    • After students have taken the test, go to Assignment, Get Results From, LAN Test. View scores in percentages by going to View, Percentages.

    ExamView Basics

    • To create A and B versions, go to Test Menu and choose Version
    • To create a Header or Footer, go to Test Menu and choose Header or Footer
    • To create a Narrative, go to the View Menu and choose Narrative.