• Creating an Assignment

    Creating a Google Classroom Assignment with a Template

    When creating an assignment, attach a template that students can open and edit. After you attach the template (in this case it's a Google Doc) to the assignment, you'll need to be sure to select "Make a copy for each student". When they open the assignment, their name will appear next to the document title. When you are ready to grade, you can click on the "Google Drive folder" from within the Google Classroom to see a nice list of the documents with the student's names.

    google classroom google drive folder

  • Notifications

    Google Classroom Notifications

    Google Classroom now has a more detailed filtering system that you can use to block some, but not all e-mail notifications. Please know that changing this setting for ANY class changes it for ALL classes. However, you now have the ability to select which classes you'd like to be notified about. See below. 

    Click the "hamburger"  (3 horizontal lines) to open the drop-down menu.

    Google Classroom "hamburger" menu

    The settings menu option is at the bottom of the drop-down menu. 

    If your choice slider (on the right) is turned off, you will not receive ANY e-mail notifications. Click the button to change the setting to receive notifications. Suddenly you have many choices as to which kinds of e-mail notifications you want to receive from Google Classroom.

    google classroom notifications

  • Google Meet

    See our Google Meet page

  • Guardian Summaries

    Guardian Summaries


    Guardian email summaries (for teachers): https://support.google.com/edu/classroom/answer/6386354

    Also, see instructions in the "Guardian Summaries" image below.


    Follow the directions here: https://support.google.com/edu/classroom/answer/6388136?hl=en

    Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-XPMUeobvY  

  • Archiving Classes

    Archiving Classes

    • From your Google Classroom home page: Classroom card > 3 dots > Archive Class
    • Removes it from student and teacher dashboard. Access in Archived Classes section.
    • Teacher can still reuse posts and assignments.

    Also see our End of Year Clean-up page for more tips. 

  • Securing your Google Classroom

    To avoid uninvited guests, be sure you:

    • Secondary Teachers
      • invite students from within the People tab rather than posting classroom codes. For example, you can copy the invite link and email it to your students (Grades 6-12 have email).
      • you can also post the class code to their backpack in Webdesk

    copy invite link

    • Elementary Teachers
      • post the class code to their backpack in Webdesk
    • if you do post classroom codes, be sure it's in a secure location that is not published for public viewing.
    • disable or reset class codes in Class Settings after your students have joined.

    disable or reset class code

    • change the Stream setting in Class Settings to "Only teachers can post or comment" if students are posting unwanted comments.

    only teachers can post or comment

  • Transferring Google Classroom

    If you are the owner (creator) of a Google Classroom and you get a change in assignment or someone else will be teaching that class, please transfer ownership of the Google Classroom to a co-teacher. Otherwise, the Classroom will lose some functionality.

    1. In the Google Classroom you'd like to transfer, click "People". Add the teacher if he/she is not already a co-teacher. 

    2. Click the three vertical dots next to the teacher.

    3. Select "Make class owner".

    transfer ownership of google classroom

    More detailed instructions on the Google support page - Transfer ownership of class

  • Support

    Visit the Google Classroom Teacher Center for video tutorials.

    Contact a member of the Digital Learning Team for help.

YouTube Playlist for Google Classroom

Teacher Quick Start Guide

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