• Nearpod

    All PISD educators have access to the premium features in Nearpod! 

    1. Go to webdesk.pisd.edu and add the "PISD Nearpod (Library)" app. Alternatively, you can go directly to nearpod.com. Your students can access it via the "PISD Nearpod Student (Library)" App which is already added in their Webdesk.

    Teacher app: nearpod webdesk app

    Student app: pisd nearpod student webdesk app

    2. Click the Sign In button on the top right of the webpage. 

    3. Click Log in with Google and enter your district email address and district password.

    4. Click on My Library and grab another device (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, laptop). 

    5. Click on the Getting Started Neapod lesson in your Library. Use your second device to answer the questions in this self-paced lesson. 

    District Library

    Locate Nearpods created by your curriculum department in the District Library:

    1. Click the Plano ISD library in the left panel.

    nearpod plano isd library

    2. Open the department folder that you want. 

    3. Find the lesson and add it to your library. 

    Doing this creates a copy of the Nearpod presentation just for you!


    District/School Library Workflow

    Download workflow image

    District Library

    1. Classroom teacher shares editable Nearpod lesson with District Administrator.

    2. District Administrator makes changes (if necessary) and adds the Nearpod to the correct folder in the District Library.

    Done! Anyone in the district can now add a copy of this Nearpod lesson to their personal Library. 

    School Library

    1. Classroom teacher shares Nearpod to the School Library.

    2. Campus Administrator puts the Nearpod in the correct folder as designated by the campus level stakeholders. 

    Done! Anyone on campus can now add a copy of this Nerapod lesson to their personal library. 


    Learn More

    Visit http://nearpod.com/resources for videos and instructional material. The self-paced webinars are awesome!


    Feel free to contact your Digital Learning Team with questions.