• Dreambox Login for Teachers & Students

    All K-5 teachers and students have access to this math program. Please access Dreambox via Webdesk.

    Note to teachers: Your roster in Dreambox will reflect what is in Pinnacle. If you have a new student join your class, it will take a day or two before that data appears in Dreambox. There is no need to manually enter a student into your Dreambox roster. 

    1. Open the Chrome web browser.
    2. Go to webdesk.pisd.edu. Sign in with your PISD username and network password.
    3. Open the “PISD Dreambox Math” app.

      PISD Dreambox Math webdesk app

    4. The first time you access Dreambox through this app, you will need to sign in using your PISD username and network password. After you do that, it will remember your credentials and log you in automatically.  

    If you run into any Flash Player issues, please contact the Help Desk, xt.28767.


    Questions? Please contact Ginger.Teaff@pisd.edu, Elementary Mathematics Coordinator, or Leah.Heerema@pisd.edu, Digital Learning Specialist.


  • Troubleshooting
    -Make sure your student's Google account is connected in Webdesk
    (Go to My Profile, Sign-in options, & click "Connect" next to Google account)

    -If on a PC (not a Chromebook) be sure to sign into Chrome
    (How to Sign Into Chrome)

    -If on an iPad the student's username/password is not working from the Dreambox app, just go to webdesk.pisd.edu and launch Dreambox through there.