• Dreambox not loading on Chromebooks?

    Our district firewall was recently reset which might have caused a rift in access to resources on student Chromebooks. Doing these will fix it!

    1) Update the Chromebook

    • Click the digital clock on the bottom right of your Chromebook screen.
    • A menu will pop up. Select the Settings gear. 
    • A settings page will pop up. Scroll down to see About Chrome OS on the left panel menu.
    • Restart the Chromebook.

    2) Clear the cache

    • Click the three vertical dots on the top right of the browser toolbar to open the Chrome menu.
    • A menu will drop down. Select More tools.
    • A menu will appear. Select Clear Browsing Data.
    • Check the boxes next to "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files."
    • Click the Clear data button. The Chromebook cache and cookies and now deleted. 

    Still having trouble? Please contact the Help Desk at ext. 28767 or tsos@pisd.edu.

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  • Dreambox Login for Teachers & Students

    All K-5 teachers and students have access to this math program. Please access Dreambox via Webdesk.

    New Student? Your roster in Dreambox will reflect what is in Pinnacle. If you have a new student join your class, it will take a day or two before that data appears in Dreambox. Please do not manually enter a student into your Dreambox roster because it will lock them out of the program. They will see Error Code 1205. If that happens, report it to your CTA. 

    1. Go to webdesk.pisd.edu. Sign in with your PISD username and network password.

    2. Open the “PISD Dreambox Learning” app.

    pisd dreambox learning

    3. The first time you access Dreambox through this app, you will need to sign in using your PISD username and network password. After you do that, it will remember your credentials and log you in automatically.  


    Dreambox Login for Campus Instructional Specialists & Special Ed Teachers

    If you do not have students in the gradebook, you can follow these directions to view student data/progress. 

    Special Ed Teachers: If you are unable to access a teacher's classroom, please email the following information to Geralyn Hendrick - campus, grade level, teacher's name to whose class you need access.

    1. Open the "PISD Dreambox Learning" app in Webdesk. (You may have to add the app if you don't see it on your dashboard. Click the plus sign to open the App Library, click on Plano ISD Library, search for "PISD Dreambox" and add it.)

    pisd dreambox learning l

    You will be signed in automatically to your campus. 

    2. In order to see student data, you can do one of these two options: 

    • From the Home screen, view the teacher's classroom and then select the student name.

    dreambox teacher-student selection


    • Click on the Settings menu at the top
    • Select Educators
    • Locate the teacher and click View

     dreambox settings educators view


    Please contact Ginger.Teaff@pisd.edu, Elementary Mathematics Coordinator, or Leah.Heerema@pisd.edu, Digital Learning Specialist.


  • Troubleshooting Dreambox Issues
    -Students unable to sign in? 
          - If your students see "Error 1105", please check that they are active in your Dreambox roster. Instructions here: Activate/Deactivate Students in Dreambox 
          - If your students see "Error 1205", please report it to your CTA or Leah.Heerema@pisd.edu. This error means that a teacher may have manually created an account for a new student which overrides our auto sign-in with Classlink and Dreambox has to reset it.
    -Make sure your student's Google account is connected in Webdesk   (Go to My Profile, Sign-in options, & click "Connect" next to Google account)
    -If on a PC (not a Chromebook) be sure to sign into Chrome   (How to Sign Into Chrome)
    -If on an iPad the student's username/password is not working from the Dreambox app, just go to webdesk.pisd.edu and launch Dreambox through there.
    -If on a Chromebook, check that the pop-up blocker is allowed for this site. 

    How to Allow or Block Pop-ups in Chrome
    (Image credit: How-To Geek)