• FOMO Digital Learning Classes for Educators
    🥳 Do you ever experience a "Fear of Missing Out" when it comes to digital integration? We got you!
    💻 Harness the power of tech tools you already use and learn what you and your students can do with our district-licensed tools.
    🙋‍♂️ A willingness to engage in and apply new learning is the only prerequisite to our classes.
    ♦ Where: Classes are virtual.
    ♦ When: 3:15-4:15pm and 4:30-5:30pm  
    ♦ Register in PowerSchool
    : #18072 DLT: FOMO Series 2023-24 

    A link to the virtual session will be provided within PowerSchool and emailed directly to those signed up.  

    Sept. 21 (Thursday) - Aligning Digital Tools to the PISD Instructional Model - Effective integration of digital tools into Plano ISD’s instructional framework is paramount for fostering student engagement, improving learning outcomes, and preparing students for the digital age. This class equips educators and school leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to integrate technology into the district’s instructional model by: Selecting appropriate digital tools, Customizing digital tools to instructional objectives, and Promoting digital equity, citizenship, and literacy. 

    Oct. 24 (Tuesday) - GoGuardian: Set-up & Best Practices - GoGuardian is a Chromebook monitoring app which allows teachers to see multiple student Chromebook screens at one time. In this session, we will set up your classes for the year/semester and create schedules so that GoGuardian will run automatically each day/class period. We will also review effective methods to use GoGuardian in your daily workflow and teach digital citizenship along the way. Come take advantage of the many benefits in GoGuardian!

    Nov. 9 (Thursday) - Nearpod to the Next Level: Making Student Thinking Visible - 📼Click to view the recording - Explore advanced uses of the Nearpod Platform to make student thinking visible. Build lessons (using current and new Google resources) to support students' ability to document learning by combining formative assessment activities with engaging content. Learn how to increase rigor by adding Reference Media to Nearpod Activities. Offer personalized learning pathways through choice boards and/or shifting from LIVE to Student-Paced mode.

    Dec. 5 (Tuesday) - Organize your Google Drive - Learn how features in Google Drive optimize personalized file management. Decrease anxiety and retrieve files efficiently and effortlessly. Discover organization tips to improve productivity so teachers can focus on the Kids not the Chaos!


  • Courses in PowerSchool
    Teachers/Staff: Fall 2023 FOMO digital learning classes (see FOMO section below)
    All staff: Canvas Course - 1-hour, self-paced "Foundations of Digital Integration" course (info here)
    New staff: Canvas Course - 2-hour, self-paced "New Teacher Tech Fundamentals" course (PowerSchool registration link
    Office Professionals: Techie Third Thursday virtual classes (info in Office Professional Newsletter and in PowerSchool and more on this page)

    If you have a request for a class (ChatGPT in the Classroom, Google Classroom, GoGuardian, Chromebooks, Nearpod, Tips for the Tech Timid, etc.), please email your suggestion to pisd.hotspot@pisd.edu.

  • Administrators
    Principal PLCs
    ♦ Oct. 5 - Instructional Model 
    ♦ Nov. 7 - Digital Citizenship  
    ♦ Jan. 26 - Portrait of a Graduate  
    ♦ Mar. 5 - Digital Learning Plan

    Assistant Principal PLCs  
    ♦ Sept. 20 - Seesaw (Elem), ChatGPT (Sec)
    ♦ Oct. 26 -  Walk-through Wizard
    ♦ Nov. 30 - Productivity Tips (Google Drive & Email)
    ♦ Dec. 14 - Digital Citizenship 
    ♦ Feb. 1 - STAAR Prep
    ♦ Feb. 29 - TBA
    ♦ Mar. 28 - TBA
    ♦ Apr. 25 - Tips for End-of-Year Clean-up (GoGuardian, Google Drive, Google Classroom, & Seesaw)

  • Techie Third Thursdays - Digital Learning for Office Professionals
    Techie Third Thursday virtual classes from 8:15-9:15 am. Details are below, in the Office Professional Newsletter, and you can register in PowerSchool.

    Sept. 21 - Google Forms & Sheets - In this slow-paced class, we’ll get comfortable with how Forms and Sheets work together to improve productivity and efficiency in your life! We’ll include tips on sharing, collaborating, editing, and analyzing form results. 
    Oct. 19 - Creating Event Flyers - Grab the attention of your intended audience by using graphic design tools, layouts, templates, and branding to make your message pop! It’s so easy with Adobe Express (already in your Webdesk!) and Canva.com. 
    Nov. 16 - Outlook Tips & Tricks, Part 1 - We will cover tips to improve your productivity in Outlook, including organizing and categorizing emails, keyboard shortcut tricks, and more! 
    Jan. 18 - Outlook Tips & Tricks, Part 2 - In this class, we will continue with Outlook tips to improve your productivity, including more advanced features like creating templates, tasks, and ways to keep up with deadlines. Bring your questions! 
    Feb. 15 - Artificial Intelligence Tools for Productivity - Come explore the amazing FREE tools built right into your Google Chrome browser that will make you a better writer, thinker, and time saver.   
    Mar. 21 - Google Docs & Drive Can Do What!? Did you know you can: Use voice-to-text; Find a document fast with Advanced Search; Color-code your folders; Add emojis to file/folder names; Add shortcuts to shared files to your Drive; Tag people in a Doc so they receive an email? All this and more will be covered in this class about Google Docs and Drive proficiency!
    Apr. 18 - TBD
    May 16 - Editing PDFs with Acrobat DC - This class is for users that currently have access to Acrobat DC. Participants must call in to MS Teams from the workstation that has Acrobat DC installed. Come learn how to fill, edit, sign, and share PDFs using this dynamic software! 

  • Learn with the Digital Learning Team (DLT)!
    Who are we? Highly motivated and experienced educators who support teachers, staff, administrators, and curriculum teams in creating future-ready learning environments.

    How can we help you? Whether it is helping teachers earn a Google Certified Educator certificate, getting ideas for how to use Chromebooks in the classroom, or needing a hand to hold through the basics, this team is here to support your campus! We can: 
    ♦ Plan with your teacher teams
    ♦ Model and Co-teach
    ♦ Professional development for you/your team (conference periods, before/after school, whole staff, PLCs)

    Contact Us! pisd.edu/DLT