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    If you have a request for a class (GoGuardian, Chromebooks in the classroom, Nearpod, Tips for the Tech Timid, etc.), please email your suggestion to pisd.hotspot@pisd.edu.

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  • Learn with the Digital Learning Team (DLT)!
    Who are we? Highly motivated and experienced educators who support teachers, staff, administrators, and curriculum teams in creating future-ready learning environments.

    How can we help you? Whether it is helping teachers earn a Google Certified Educator certificate, getting ideas for how to use Chromebooks in the classroom, or needing a hand to hold through the basics, this team is here to support your campus! We can: 
    ♦ Plan with your teacher teams
    ♦ Model and Co-teach
    ♦ Professional development for you/your team (conference periods, before/after school, whole staff, PLCs)

    Contact Us! pisd.edu/DLT

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Your Optional Learning Opportunities - Digital Integration and Literacy 2021-2022

  • fomo spring classes

    Do you ever experience a "Fear Of Missing Out" when it comes to digital integration? We got you! Harness the power of tech tools you already use and learn what you and your students can do with our district-licensed tools. A willingness to engage in and apply new learning is the only prerequisite to our classes.

    All sessions listed below will be virtual, unless otherwise indicated.

    To sign up to attend a session:

    1. Log in to PowerSchool with your PISD credentials.
    2. Within Course Search, search for the title of the session listed below. Or just search “FOMO!”
    3. Click Register. 

    A link to the virtual session will be provided within PowerSchool and emailed directly to those signed up.

    Dates, course descriptions, and more are in this document.