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    Tech Bytes Podcast

    The Tech Bytes Podcast, AKA "Blogcast", is our weekly 15-20-minute podcast that accompanies our blog in which we discuss tech integration ideas and updates. Visit our Blog & Podcast page here: www.pisd.edu/techbytes 


    Want to start your own podcast? 

    The PISD Digital Learning Team uses Anchor.fm for our Tech Bytes Podcast. It's free and easy to use! Feel free to reach out to your friendly Digital Learning Team for help with creating your own podcast. 

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    Awesome Tips from the Pros!

    The slideshow below is from a session at the @LonestarTIA conference we attended in July 2019. It includes considerations for beginning a podcast and a comparison of different websites and apps to host your podcast. Thanks to the @Bibliodames for creating this and sharing their experiences at the conference!


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