• Office 365

    PISD staff and students can log into Office 365 to access the following programs using their PISD email and network password. 

    Add the Office 365 Suite App in Webdesk.

    office 365 webdesk app

    When you launch the app, you will be logged into your Office 365 dashboard. The following programs are available for you to use:  

    • Outlook (email)
    • OneDrive (file management)
    • Word (word processing)
    • Excel (spreadsheets)
    • PowerPoint (slideshows)
    • OneNote (digital portfolio)
    • SharePoint (collaborate online)
    • Teams (collaborative communication platform)
    • Class Notebook (set up OneNote for your class - class notebooks, student notebooks)
    • Sway (presentations, AKA PowerPoint on steroids)
    • Forms (survey creator)
    • and more!

    office 365 dashboard

  • How to Create a New Document

    1. Open Webdesk.pisd.edu

    2. Launch the Office 365 app.

    office 365

    If you don't see it, you can add it by clicking the plus sign on the top left of your screen and searching 

    adding office 365 app

    3. Click on the Microsoft app that you want to launch. For example, click on Word. 

    office 365 apps

    4. Word Online opens up. Click the Plus sign to create a new document or use the existing templates. Name your new Word document, enter content, edit, and more, using the Word Online features.


    • Turn off the Simplified Ribbon so that you can see all the tools available to you. edit word on chromebook
    • Notice the Dictate tool! It captures what you say into text.


    • Commenting and sharing - You can collaborate with a partner/group/teacher in Word online, similar to how you do in a Google Doc. Click the Comments button on the top right, click New, and start typing a name. The name will appear from the directory of students/teachers. Then you can enter your comment. You will be prompted to share the document with that person if you haven't already. He/She will receive a notification in their Office 365 account that they were mentioned in a document. 

     commenting in word online


    How to Edit an Existing Document from your school H Drive

    1. Open Webdesk.pisd.edu

    2. Click on "My Files" on the bottom of the screen. It will then open in a separate tab. 

    3. Click on "School Network" on the left. You will then see your H drive files. 

    webdesk my files h drive

    4. Open any Microsoft document (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) to edit it in the online version. All edits will be automatically saved in your school H drive!


  • Download Office 2016 on your home computer for free

    Plano ISD staff and students may download Office 2016 for free on up to five devices

    1. On your home computer, sign into Office 365 (you can do this by signing into Webdesk and launching the Office 365 app).
    2. Click the Install Office button on the right. Then download Office 2016. 

    install office