• Autocrat - Google Sheets Add-On

    Autocrat is an Add-On in Google Sheets that lets you merge the spreadsheet data with a Google Doc. You can create a Google Form to gather information from a group of people (students, teachers, parents, etc.), then run Autocrat in the Google Sheet of results that merges the fields into a Google Doc template you created. You can set it up so the Google Doc is automatically emailed to the participant when they complete the form. For example, you have your students/teachers complete a Google Form when they've finished a project/training. Upon submitting the Form, they receive an email with a certificate of completion congratulating them for their hard work. It's all automated using Autocrat!

    Step 1: Create your Google Form

    Step 2: Create your Google Doc template

    Step 3: Set up Autocrat in the Form spreadsheet


    Autocrat Instructions (Slides 4-12 in the Google Slide presentation linked on this page)

    This Google Slideshow was created by Kim Estes for a TCEA presentation titled "Google Forms: Automated Awesomeness". She is a Learning Technologies Coach in Burleson ISD.