• Autocrat - Google Sheets Add-On

    • Merge spreadsheet data with a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide.
    • Create a Google Form to gather information from a group of people (students, teachers, parents, etc.), then run Autocrat in the Google Sheet of results that merges the fields into a Google docs/slides template you created.
    • Set it up so the Google Doc/Slide is automatically emailed to the participant when they complete the form. (Or run it manually)


    1. Your students/teachers complete a Google Form when they've finished a project/training.

    2. Upon submitting the Form, they receive an email with a certificate of completion to acknowledge their accomplishment.

    It's all automated using the Autocrat you applied to the Google Sheet of form responses!

    Administrators: Great for teacher walkthrough feedback.


    Install the Autocrat add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace

    Step 1: Create your Google Form*

    *not necessary if you're running the Autocrat from spreadsheet data that you already have

    Step 2: Create your template letter/certificate in Google Docs/Slides

    Step 3: Set up Autocrat in the Form's Google Sheet of responses

    User Guide

    Autocrat User Guide

    Video Instructions