• Google Classroom Extension

    The Google Classroom extension is located to the right of the "Omnibox" where you enter a web address. All Plano staff and students have this extension. 

    Google Classroom extension

    Google Classroom Extension Fun Facts:

    • Use this extension to quickly "push" a website, app, or extension to students enrolled in your Google Classroom class. 
    • Students can push a site to you, as well. 
    • If for some reason a student didn't receive it, they can click on their Google Classroom extension and select "Received from Teacher" to see all items that were pushed from you. For example, if a student comes to class late, you don't have to stop everything to push the site again. Simply instruct the student to open the extension and see links listed under "Received from Teacher". 
    • The extension allows you to not only push sites but to also create an assignment/question/announcement. 

    google classroom extension options

    How to "Push" to your Class

    If you would like to push a website, for example, follow these steps:

    1. Open the website in your browser (either from your network computer or the Chromebook).
    2. Click on the Google Classroom extension.
    3. Select the desired class. 
    4. Click "Push". The website will appear on their screen in seconds! They must be enrolled in your Google Classroom class, but do not have to have Google Classroom open at the time to receive what you push. 

    Push button in Google Classroom extension