• Google Classroom Tips for Students

    Top 5 Tips for Students 

    Created by MsLamm1

    1. Ignore the Stream*. Focus on Classwork - the Stream is too messy. (*Unless your teacher has enabled the new feature in the Settings that hide notifications in the stream!)

    2. Use the browser back arrow. Otherwise, you'll end up back at the Stream.

    3. Always Turn in or Mark as Done. You want all your icons gray!

    4. Check in with View Your Work. This is where you see a summary of all your assignments. It's under the Classwork tab.

    5. Bookmark the Classwork page. It's the quickest way to get straight to Classwork. 


  • Opening an Assignment & Accessing the Teacher’s Template file

    1. Go to the Classwork tab, click on the assignment post, then click View assignment

     classwork, click assignment, view assignment

    2. If the teacher set it up to make a copy for every student, you will see your name next to the document title. Click on the document to open it and edit it.

    open your work

    3. When you have finished the assignment, click “Turn In”. After you have submitted it, you will no longer be able to edit the document. Your teacher will be able to see it, comment on it, grade it, and then return it to you.

    4. Where do you see your grade? Go to the Classwork tab and click “View your work”.

     view your work



  • Turning in Group/Partner Assignments


    Your teacher creates an assignment with a document attached that you have to edit. 

    Your Task

    Once you open the assignment, let's say it's a Google Doc, you'll see the title of the document includes your name.

    If you're working on it with a partner, your partner's name won't be on it because you're the one who opened it.

    When you and your partner have completed the assignment and click on the "Turn In" button, how will the teacher know who your partner is to give him/her credit? 

    Possible Solutions

    Include your partner's name in a private comment to the teacher upon submission. 


    Include your partner's name somewhere in the Google Doc before you turn it in. For example, in the header.