• Google Classroom

    Steps that may help you clean up your Classroom

    🏢 Return all classwork 

    • (Check the “to do & To Review” lists) 
    • “Ctrl” key to open in new tab for viewing

    📆 Remove Calendars of each class from Google Calendar

    • Declutter your calendar view
    • To Hide:  click on 3 dots next to class name > Hide from list (restore in settings)
    • To Delete or unsubscribe: click 3 dots next to class name > Settings and sharing > Delete / Unsubscribe
    • To export: click 3 dots next to class name > Settings and sharing > Export

    👩‍🎓 Student access options 

    • Unenroll students from original classroom (preserve academic integrity)
      • Students can still access work via their Google Classroom folder in Google Drive.  
    • Archive class without unenrolling students 
      • Students have view-only access to classroom content; no revisions can be made.

    🔐 Archive class

    • To Archive class - Classroom card > 3 dots > Archive Class
    • Removes it from student and teacher dashboard.  Access in Archived Classes section
    • Teacher can still reuse posts and assignments
    • If the owner of a class wants to permanently delete the class from their archived classes, follow the directions here

    🏫Creating class options

    • Duplicating Class for next year (recommended) Copy Class - All assignments are in draft form, no students nor teachers; new folders in Drive.  Create a template class
    • Reusing Class - Return all classwork (Check the “to do & To Review” lists) Hit “Ctrl” key to open in new tab for viewing
    • LEAVING the DISTRICT Transfer ownership of Google Classroom to teammate/administrator
    • Emojis!  Windows + “.”  (Desktops and Laptops).  Works for Classroom comments, Titles in Classroom and Drive, email, Zoom and Google Meet chats, etc!!🙌🙌👏🤣👌👌👌👌👌


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  • Leaving the District

    👉 Transfer Ownership

    If you are the owner (creator) of a Google Classroom and you get a change in assignment or someone else will be teaching that class, please transfer ownership of the Google Classroom to a co-teacher. Otherwise, the Classroom will lose some functionality.

    1. In the Google Classroom you'd like to transfer, click "People". Add the teacher if he/she is not already a co-teacher. 

    2. Click the three vertical dots next to the teacher.

    3. Select "Make class owner".

    transfer ownership of google classroom

    More detailed instructions on the Google support page - Transfer ownership of class

  • For end-of-year clean-up tips on Seesaw and Google Drive, visit our End-of-Year Clean-up page! pisd.edu/eoy