• Alternatives to Google Classroom for Users Outside of the PISD Organization

    Beginning April 12, 2021, access to Plano ISD’s Google Classrooms will be limited to our staff and students only. We are making this change to prevent imposters from posting unsolicited messages to the classrooms they infiltrate. 

    What does that mean for you? See the possible scenarios and solutions below.

    Parent/Guardian Access

    Q: Will this affect parents/guardians that are associated with the student to receive guardian email summaries?

    A: Not at all. This change only applies to users outside of our organization that were added as students to the Google Classroom. It does not affect guardians associated with students. 

    Posting Resources

    Q: I've been using Google Classroom to communicate with parents/community members. What now?

    A: If Google Classroom has been your hub for posting announcements, calendars, documents, videos, pictures, etc. for parents or community members, consider one of these solutions:

    • Post these items to your Teacher Page on your school's website. (Instructions on our Teacher Page Setup page)
    • Create a Google Doc and publish it to the web. (Instructions on our Google Doc page)
    • Create a Google Site (Instructions on our Google Sites page. Be sure to set the viewing settings to be viewable by the public.)
    • Curate resources on a Wakelet (Create a free account and learn more on https://wakelet.com/)

    Virtual Meetings

    Q: I was using the Google Meet link in Google Classroom to meet virtually with parents/community members. What now?

    A: Take advantage of the premium Zoom account that all PISD teachers have been given access to. (Instructions on our Zoom page)

    Interacting with People from Outsite PISD

    Q: Google Classroom was where our student club members could interact with community members. For example, Beta Club members can ask questions of a business owner who was invited to join the GC.

    A: The teacher/club sponsor will need to be the liaison for any communication between students and community members. Consider using one of the alternatives listed above. Please contact the Digital Learning Team to brainstorm other options!