• Google Drive

  • Basics

    Google Drive: The Basics

    New to the cloud? Watch this - Common Craft video 

    • What is Google Drive?
      • Cloud storage for all your files
      • Ease of accessibility - get your files from any Internet-connected device

    • Logging in: go to https://drive.google.com. Log in with your full PISD email address (for students, this address ends in @mypisd.net) and your network password.

    • Storage Space
      • G-Suite (school) accounts are unlimited
      • Personal accounts are limited to 15G

    • H Drive vs My Drive
      • Similar in that they are both "private"
      • To access H drive, you have to be in PISD network; to access My Drive, all you need is internet access

    • S Drive vs Shared With Me
      • S Drive - someone can edit, move, manipulate
      • Not 100% private
      • Shared With Me - exclusive, only people with specific permission can view/edit
      • Shared With Me - on internet and has some levels of privacy
      • Google Drive Sharing Settings
    • Differences between Microsoft Suite and Google Apps
      • Google: ability to have real time collaboration
      • Google: multiple contributors at same time
      • Google: accessible via web/app
      • Google: free
      • Google: no file size limits
      • Microsoft: been around longer, sometimes has more advanced tools
      • Microsoft: hardware-based
      • Microsoft: no Internet connection required 
      • Neither is perfect - each has pros/cons

  • Creating a Google Doc

    Creating a Google Doc

    • Click New > Google Doc (or Google Sheets or Google Slides)
    • Blank doc comes up in a new window
    • Each doc has its own web address instead of a file extension

  • File Management

    File Management

    • Upload a single File from your H: or S: drive by clicking New > File upload
    • Upload a Folder from your H: or S: drive by clicking New > Folder upload
    • Move folders/files by clicking and dragging
    • Create a folder by clicking New > Folder
    • Change the color of a Google Drive folder by right-clicking > Change color
    • E-mail/sharing
      • you can share a Doc rather than attaching a document to an email
      • instead, you attach an email address to the Doc!
    • When you delete items in Google Drive, you are moving it to the Trash. It doesn't actually delete until you empty the Trash folder. 

  • Settings: Convert to Google Docs Format

    Change Upload Settings to convert uploaded documents to Google Docs format

    Turning this on will automatically convert an uploaded Word/Excel/PowerPoint file to a Google Doc/Sheet/Slide format.

    • Click the gear at the top right of the Google Drive home page, then click Settings

    google drive settings

    • Check the box next to "Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format" then click Done.
    • You only have to do this one time, ever.

      Google Drive Settings - Convert uploads

  • Sharing


    Sharing files and/or folders allows you to collaborate with others on a document in real-time. You can also set the sharing settings to just enable others to view/comment but not edit. 

    If you're in an open Google Doc, click the Share button on the top right.


    If you're in your Google Drive, right-click the doc/folder that you'd like to share. Then choose Share

    right-click share

    Sharing Settings

    Google support page: Google Drive Sharing Settings

  • Google Docs: Force Users to Make a Copy

    Google Docs: Force Users to Make a Copy

    To force users to make a copy of your doc, highlight the word edit in the URL: 

    Sample URL with "edit" highlighted

    ... and then replace edit with the word copy:

    Sample URL with the word "copy" highlighted


    Instructions on how to force a copy including comments

  • Google Docs: Insert Bookmarks

    Google Docs: Insert Bookmarks

    Use bookmarks to link within a document to a specific section or page. Great for multipage docs, handbooks, or detailed files.

    Create a bookmark: 

    1. In the Google Doc, click where you want the bookmark.
    2. Click Insert > Bookmark.

    Link to a bookmark: 

    1. In the Google Doc, select the text you want to link from.
    2. Click Insert > Link.
    3. In the window that opens, click Bookmarks. A list will show the bookmarks in your document.
    4. Click the bookmark you want to link to Apply.

    To remove the link or bookmark, click it, then click Remove.

    View How to Gif by Jake Miller:

    Insert bookmarks in Docs gif

    Ref:  Jake Miller: 5 Ways to Link to Parts of Google Docs


  • Remove Duplicate Files

    TCEA Blog post: Google Drive Cleaner: Remove Duplicate Files

  • Uploading a Word/Excel/PowerPoint File

    Uploading a Word/Excel/PowerPoint File

    Click on +New, then File upload. Then you will locate the Word/Excel/PowerPoint file to upload. 

    upload file

    If you want to keep it as a .docx (.xlsx or .pptx file), it will not be editable unless you convert it. So you'd essentially be storing the document in Drive. You can always convert it to a Google Doc/Sheet/Slide (which makes it editable) by opening the file from Drive and clicking Open With, Google Docs
    convert word to google docs

    After converting the Word/Excel/PowerPoint file to a Google Doc, a duplicate is made: 

    google doc vs word doc
    Upload Settings

    To change your settings to automatically convert Microsoft files (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) to Google Docs (Doc/Sheet/Slide), see the section on this site titled "Settings: Convert to Google Docs Format".

  • Google Doc: Publish to Web

    Check the Sharing Settings

    1. Make sure the sharing settings are appropriate for your purpose. For example, if sharing with people outside of the PISD organization (parents with a Gmail address), change the sharing settings to "Anyone with the link" and make them Viewers. 

    google doc sharing settings

    Publish to the Web

    1. Click on File

    2. Publish to the web

    file, publish to the web

    3. Follow the prompts to finish publishing. 

    4. Copy and paste the publish link where your users can access it. For example, in an email/your website/teacher page. 

  • Leaving the District & End-of-Year Clean-Up

    Visit our page Google Drive: Leaving the District (located on the left side of this page)

  • Support


    G Suite Training Videos

    Digital Learning Team - pisd.edu/dlt

  • New Update Effective Oct 13th:  Items in Google Drive Trash will be permanently deleted after 30 days!

    Delete and restore files in Google Drive

    Important: Starting October 13, 2020, Google Drive files are automatically deleted forever after they've been in your trash for 30 consecutive days. Learn more here.
    To delete your Google Drive files, move them to the trash. You can also restore your files or empty the trash to permanently delete them. If you delete, restore, or permanently delete multiple files or folders at once, it might take time for you to notice the changes.


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