• Google Jamboard

    Jamboard icon

    Jamboard is a free online interactive whiteboard (included in GSuite) that can be used in both synchronous and asynchronous learning environments. 

    Features include:

    Create unlimited Jams

    Control sharing settings

    Insert images and sticky notes

    Work collaboratively in whole class or small group settings

    Assign Jams in Google Classroom

    And much more!


  • Get Started

    Three ways to start a new Jam!

    1. Add the "Google Jamboard (PISD)" tile on Webdesk
    2. Go to jamboard.google.com
    3. Click on the waffle (located on the upper right corner of your desktop) and click the Jamboard icon.

    Watch the video below for a walkthrough.

  • Features: change background, pen, eraser, clear frame

    Learn how to change the background of your Jam, use the pen, eraser, and clear your frame.

  • Insert Images, Sticky Notes

    You can insert images and sticky notes into your Jam. Learn how:

  • Add Frames, More Actions, Sharing Settings

    Add frames to your Jam, download your Jam as a PDF, download a frame as an image, make a copy, or remove. Watch below: 

  • Jamboard + Equatio

    Combine the power of Jamboard with Equatio!

    Check out this tweet from @TH_PatrickM

  • SEL Activity Templates for Google Jamboard

    Article written by TCEA's Diana Benner, March 2021: Social Emotional Activity Templates for Google Jamboard