• Creating a Google Contact Group

    Creating a contact group in Google allows you to easily share G Suite items (Google Docs, Sheets, Classroom, etc.) with your colleagues by simply typing the group name rather than every recipient into the sharing field. In the steps below, you'll see how to copy an existing group of contacts from your Outlook and paste them into a Google contact group. 

    1. Open your Outlook mail where you have your group saved.

    2. Start an email by entering the contact group’s name.

    3. Click the small + sign to the left of the group name and click OK to expand the list. 

    email group plus sign circled

    5. Click anywhere inside the To: field. Press Ctrl+A to select All, then Ctrl+C to copy. All of the contacts in your group are now copied to your clipboard.

    6. In Google Chrome, go to http://contacts.google.com.

    7. On the left side near the bottom, click New Group​.

    8. Give your Group a name (such as Matthews Staff or English Department) and click OK. Your new group now appears near the top left of the screen, under My Contacts​.

    english department example

    9. Click your new group name to open it. You will see the message "There are no contacts in this group." At the top, click the little person with the plus sign. Click inside the little box that appears and press Ctrl + V to paste all the names from the Outlook group. Click Add.

    example of emails pasted in contact box

    That's it! Now when you share your document, you can start typing the name of the Contact Group, select it, then share the doc as you normally would.

    example typing English Department when sharing a Google Doc