• Typing Club

    Have students add the Typing Club app in Webdesk to help them learn to type. 

    1. Sign in to webdesk.pisd.edu.

    2. Click the plus sign on the top left. Search for Typing Club and click Add.

    typing club icon in webdesk

    3. Open the Typing Club app from your Webdesk home screen. 

    4. The first time students access Typing Club, they will need to sign up (not sign in yet). Scroll down and click on "Sign up". Then click Sign up with Google. Now the students will have an account and can begin. 

    Now that students have created an account, from now on students will click the Google button to login with their Google email address (firstname.lastname.#@mypisd.net) and network password. It will remember their login after that. 

     google login button