• Digital Breakouts

    How does it work?

    • Participants click on a link from Google Classroom (or any delivery system that works for you), open a Google Form or Site, and the game begins!
    • They are given a time limit to "breakout" by using a string of connected clues and hints hidden inside the “room” itself. 
    • Each clue typically leads the players to ANOTHER clue or a lock that opens up more clues or hints and helps to get players closer to the given final objective. 
    • There are usually no instructions given to the players on where to begin first except for the main story line or objective and a few guidelines. 
    • However, in most escape room situations, players are given a means to communicate if they get stuck and are allowed limited hints or clues to help them progress. You can use Hint Cards.
    • No matter what the theme, breakout games of all kinds require the players to think critically and work together to find hints and solutions to the given problem and eventually "break out" of the presented scenario.

    How do I make one?

    See the presentation "Break Free! Designing Digital Breakouts" linked here and also embedded on this page. 

    View this Breakout Locks & Puzzles infographic by Candytechideas for suggestions.

    Where can I find ready-made resourrces?

    View this Digital Breakout Google Site by Peggy Reimers, TCEA

    View 40+ FREE digital escape rooms page from Matt Miller

    Check out this searchable list from Classroom Tools: bit.ly/DigitalBREAK


    Reach out to the Digital Learning Team with questions or to request training. 

Digital Breakout Summer 2020 Workshop