• The Breakout EDU website has tons of great ideas already made for you. Here's how to use this wonderful resource.

    First, you need to login to the BREAKOUT EDU platform by clicking on Google and entering your PISD credentials. 

    Google Login

    Once you've done that, click on BROWSE THE PLATFORM. This will bring you to a page that contains all the Breakout EDU games. Use the search field to narrow down your selection. For example, I put math in the search field and a long list of games was returned. These games will have four different types of labels. 


    FREE Digital Games - these games are free and are offered only in a digital format.

    Digital free game

    PAID Digital Games - these digital games cost money.

    Digital Paid game

    FREE Games (kit required) - these games are free and require using a kit (lockbox)

    Free kit required game

    PAID Games (kit required) - these games require a kit and cost money.

    Paid kit required