• Web Whiteboards

    They make online drawing, sharing, and collaborating easy! The following tools can be used on iPads and Chromebooks. Also, consider Padlet for real-time collaboration. 

  • Microsoft Whiteboard

    MS Whiteboard App - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/microsoft-whiteboard/9mspc6mp8fm4?activetab=pivot:overviewtab

    MS Whiteboard webpage (less features) accessible via Office 365 - https://whiteboard.microsoft.com/

    See our MS Whiteboard page for more details. 

  • Google Jamboard

    See our Google Jamboard page on the left.

  • Whiteboard.fi

    Whiteboard.fi is a simple tool that can be used instantly. By creating a class and letting your students join, everyone will get a digital whiteboard. You as a teacher see all your students' whiteboards in real-time, so you can follow their progress. The students only see their own whiteboard and the teacher's.

    Whiteboard.fi is an instant formative assessment tool for your classroom, providing you with live feedback and immediate overview over your students.

  • Miro

    Free online whiteboard for easy collaboration - https://miro.com/online-whiteboard/

  • Whiteboard Fox


    Create a new board and paste its link in Google Classroom or send to class via GoGuardian. 

    Users will be anonymous, so you will need to be clear in your expectations regarding school-appropriate posts.

  • Ziteboard

    Limitations - there is a limit on "traffic" so this is good for use with only a small number visitors.

    See our Ziteboard page on the left.

    Ziteboard is a web-based whiteboard with real-time collaboration!  For more info, see Ziteboard FAQ

    Check out this lesson plan in which students create a collaborative study guide on their Chromebooks for their peers!

    Create a Collaborative Study Guide

    The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. For this activity, students who need to learn materials for an upcoming test will use the Ziteboard whiteboard extension to solve a math problem while recording their solution using the extension Screencastify.