• How to Log In - Teachers & Students

    In Webdesk, launch the app titled "PISD Savvas". It should be already on your home screen and also in your MyClasses.


    💡Teachers: Be sure you have added products to your class(es).  Click "Manage Products" in Easy Bridge to select the content for your class. Follow the directions "Getting Started - Adding Products" for assistance. 

  • How to Log In - Specialists, Admin, Assistants, Long-term Subs

    1. In Webdesk, launch the "Savvas Realize (Specialists)" app. If you don't see it, go to Step 2. This is a view-only access for educators with no students assigned to them in the gradebook. Staff members do not sign in for this view only access. They also cannot assign content to students or edit/remove content.

    savvas realize specialists

    2. If you don't see this app on your home screen, you can add it from the App Library. Click on the plus sign on the top left to open the App Library. Click on "PISD Staff". Then click "Add" under the Savvas Realize (Specialists) app. 

    savvas realize specialist app library


    3. It will auto-fill with a username and password so you will NOT have to type anything. Please wait for it to auto-fill. After it auto-fills, click Sign in

    savvas specialist autofill