• About Instructional Technology

    The Instructional Technology Department consists of Digital Learning, IT Projects, IT Systems and Support, Learning Media Services  Teams.

  • Instructional Technology

  • Digital Learning

    Digital Learning Specialists

    The Digital Learning Specialists support the development of digitally fluent educators who are empowered to be excellent technology integrators and who create future-ready classroom environments. The Digital Learning Specialists are internationally recognized educational leaders who design and deliver professional learning that promotes purposeful and effective technology integration.

    This team supports district initiatives such as the 1:1 Chromebook rollout and online textbook support. Each specialist supports multiple curriculum areas and coordinates campus technology professional learning at over 70 campuses across the district.

    ETSI (Educational Technology Success Initiative) is a summer professional learning experience, created by the Digital Learning Team, designed to empower ed tech leaders on each campus.

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  • Expanded Learning Pathways

    Visit the Expanded Learning Pathways website for more information

    Matthew Sipes
    Expanded Learning Pathways
    Laura Blankenship
    Expanded Learning Pathways
    Brigitte Lehman
    Expanded Learning Pathways
    Christy Billingsley
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    JoAnn Roe
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    Howard Hill
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    Emily Rosillo
    Expanded Learning Pathways
    Expanded Learning Pathways

  • IT Projects

    IT Projects Team

    The IT Projects Team assist in the planning and implementation of instructional technology projects and campus intitiatives. Including the development and evaluation of technology specifications, standards, and technology related to furniture, facility, and equipment selections.  

  • IT Systems & Support

    IT Systems & Support Team

    The Instructional Technology Systems & Support team implements, develops and maintains Instructional Technology information systems throughout Plano ISD in support of educational and administrative functions.   Responsibilities include custom program development, program management,  analysis and research, program implementation and report development and implementation.   

    We support and train in systems for: grades, attendance, e-textbooks, PISD web presence, community engagement, parent portal, mass notifications, vendor interfaces, accessiblity, data delivery and business intelligence.

  • Learning Media Services

    Visit the Library Resources Website for more information