• Video Creation/Editing Tools

    Below are some video creation and editing tools for use by both educators and students. All are FREE with some limitations. 

    Adobe Spark - create narrated videos. District license means you get premium features! Log in via Webdesk. 

    Animoto - must be age 13 or over to use. Upload existing videos/images to make a beautiful video with themes, music, and text. Educators can apply for a FREE account and have access to most premium features! FREE EDUCATOR ANIMOTO ACCOUNT LINK

    EdPuzzle - take a video from YouTube and intersperse questions to track your students' understanding. https://edpuzzle.com/

    Screencastify - Google Chrome extension. Record your browser and/or desktop and choose whether to include yourself using the webcam. Great on Chromebooks. 

    WeVideo - log in via the WeVideo app in Webdesk to get the premium features! Online video editor that lets you record a video using the webcam or desktop. Great on Chromebooks

    YouTube - editor feature in YouTube Studio lets you make small changes to your video. More on YouTube Help Center.