• Long-term Substitute Access to Technology

    A long-term sub is a CONTRACTED substitute filling a single staff position for 21 consecutive days or more at one location. If their contract has been extended, your office manager will need to update the district. At the end of their contract date, just like any staff member, their access to selected district sites will be restricted.

    As a standard, all substitutes automatically have a PISD computer login, email and Google account. If they have forgotten their password, contact the Help Desk or your CTA to reset it and it will be pushed through to their district accounts.

    Principals will need to request access from the district so that they can log into digital resources.

    Vacant PCN

    If the substitute is subbing for a vacant PCN, no action is needed.  Once the assignment is in TEAMS, the sub will receive access the following day.  


    If the substitute is subbing for a teacher on leave, follow the process below.

    1. Ask a campus administrator to request Pinnacle/Gradebook access for the long-term sub.  An email must be sent to gradebook@pisd.edu the day before the start of the assignment and must include:
      1. The substitute's name
      2. The teacher that will be out
      3. Start Date
      4. End Date (if unsure, use your best guess - you can always email to extend date)  
      5. School
    2. Gradebook support will give a temporary login to the substitute
    3. DO NOT share your network login with a substitute.

    Digital resources (below) are available the day after information emailed above is received. This will affect all products rostered via OneRoster including:

    • Discovery Education
    • Dreambox
    • Edugence
    • GoGuardian (If the LT Sub says they are still unable to log into GG, please complete the GG access request form)
    • HMH
    • Savvas
    • Webdesk "My Classes"
    • and other tools


    Please contact the Help Desk 469-752-8767 or your CTA for assistance.