• What is Screencasting?

    Record your computer screen, add audio narration, and/or your webcam. Create instructional how-to videos, lessons, sub plans, etc. Students can do this, too! There are several tools that do this. Below are our favorites.

    Our Favorites!

    WeVideo screen recording video on WeVideo Academy. Our WeVideo page is linked to the left.

    Screencastify - (below)

    Flip (previously Flipgrid) - Flip screen recording. Our Flipgrid page is linked to the left.

    Loom - Loom websiteLoom Pro FREE for teachers

  • Screencasting Tips

    • What is your why? Establish your purpose for creating videos.
    • Limit your videos to under 5 minutes. Need it to be longer? Consider breaking it up by topic.
    • Personalize it by including your webcam image in one of the corners of the screen.
    • Test your video on multiple devices, if possible. Test your access in an incognito window.
    • Get comfortable with one tool. Don't feel like you need to be the expert on them all. Teaching is overwhelming enough as it is.
    • Make sure your videos are accessible. Viewers have various abilities and your videos need to have captioning. Pro Tip: Use the built-in Google Slides captioning!
    • Think about the best way to make your video available to your audience. Let it live online (no need to download), set appropriate privacy/access settings, and send the link!
    • Tips on how to look good on a webcam :)glow the unicorn


    Use the Screencastify Chrome Extension to record your screen.

    Become a Screencastify Certified Educator!

    Wherever you are on your Screencastify learning journey, there is a certification for you!

    Visit this Screencastify Course page to find quick, informative, and engaging certification courses. Earning a certificate shows mastery and gives you the skills to improve your practice and help your colleagues and students. Good luck!

    Please share what you learned on Twitter and mention @pisdtech so we can congratulate you!

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  • Screencastify Overview

Summer 2020 Screencastify Training Presentation