• Ziteboard

    Limitations - there is a limit on "traffic" so this is good for use with only a small number visitors.

    Ziteboard is a web-based whiteboard with real-time collaboration! https://ziteboard.com/

    Install the Ziteboard Chrome Extension

    Uses for Ziteboard*

    • Private tutoring, distance learning
    • Classrooms at any level
    • Designing layouts, workflows, prototypes with a team
    • Data- and process visualization
    • Casual, ad-hoc presentation, meeting notes
    • Virtual whiteboard
    • Visual facilitation

    Main features*

    • Zoomable user interface, vector graphics
    • Device independence (pure html5 + javascript web app)
    • Lightweight
    • Lightning fast, real-time synchronization
    • Reliable disconnection-handling
    • Permanent, shareable board URL-s
    • Customization options

    *The information above is from: Ziteboard FAQ


    Explore how Ziteboard will work with our Digital Learning & Creation Tools 

    More whiteboard tools here: https://www.pisd.edu/Domain/10888

  • Ziteboard Example 

    Check out this lesson plan in which students create a collaborative study guide on their Chromebooks for their peers!

    Create a Collaborative Study Guide

    The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. For this activity, students who need to learn materials for an upcoming test will use the Ziteboard whiteboard extension to solve a math problem while recording their solution using the extension Screencastify.