• Staff: Google Certification

    Interested in becoming a Google Certified Educator? Start here! https://teachercenter.withgoogle.com/

    Perks of Being a Google Certified Educator/Trainer/Innovator!

    The following partnerships give you free premium access to these programs just for being a Google Certified Innovator or Trainer!

    Pear Deck (go to the website and enter the password welovegoogle) - Pear Deck Google Certified page

    Book Creator (for Google Certified Trainers or Innovators only) - Google Certified Innovators - Book Creator app

    Google Capacity Cohort

    The PISD Professional Learning Department accepts applications for a Google Capacity Cohort that meets twice a year. Updates about how to apply will appear on the PL site here: pisd.edu/pl

    Digital Learning Course Material

    Our Digital Learning Classes page houses recordings and presentations of previously taught classes. Check out what we have for Beginner Google Docs, Google Certification Test-taking Tips, and more! 

Did you know the Digital Learning Team is certified? Ask us about it!

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  • Students: "Applied Digital Skills"

    For middle school to senior high school students. Sign up with your PISD Google account and begin learning here:

    Basic Digital Literacy Skills - Applied Digital Skills

    Learn by watching FREE video lessons!

    "Our classes use the G Suite tools to help sharpen your skills in these areas:

    Sheets, Slides, Docs, (Gmail), Calendar, and Drive"

    Data Analysis

    • Create spreadsheet formulas
    • Identify patterns in data
    • Visualize data using graphs

    Research & Communication 

    • Evaluate bias
    • Research a topic
    • Create presentations

    Coding & Digital Literacy

    • Using digital tools
    • Implement algorithms
    • Debug code