• Google Drive: What Happens When Someone Leaves the District?

    When an employee leaves PISD, all the documents of which he/she is the owner will no longer be accessible after 90 days, even if he/she has shared the documents with colleagues. Here are your options for keeping those files if your colleague is leaving the district. You’ll either need to:

    • Make a copy of the document(s) so that you are now the owner and can share it with the other colleagues who need it. OR
    • Download and reupload those files so that you become the owner. OR
    • Ask the person leaving to transfer ownership to you through their sharing settings (only the owner can do this).  

    Watch this video explaining how to transfer ownership: https://youtu.be/TJK08BRC5-g

    transferring ownership of a Google Doc

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    How to Export Your Google Drive

    If you are leaving the district (graduating, retiring, etc.) and would like to export or transfer the documents from your PISD Google Drive account to take with you, here are your options:

    • Download all of your Google Drive files folders to your computer. This is a good option for someone who does not have very many folders/files in Drive. Remember to also download files/folders from "Shared with me" if you want them. OR
    • Use the free export service Google Takeout (Staff only). This method does not include items that have been shared with you (in "Shared with me"). You will need to manually download those items if you want them. 
    • Use Vault Me, formerly CloudGopher (Costs $20-$40, depending on the number of GBs). Read about how to use it here: https://www.controlaltachieve.com/2016/06/copy-google-account-gradgopher.html

    Be sure to notify people who you’ve shared documents with to complete one of the steps in the section above.