• Welcome home to PISD, new teachers!

    The Digital Learning Team (Clara Alaniz, Fern Johnson, Leah Heerema, and Lilly Jensby) is excited to have you here! This website corresponds with the Google Classroom you joined during New Teacher Training in August. 

    Please familiarize yourself with the resources on this New Teacher page, starting what the DLT can do for you below and then the pages on the left. 

  • What can the Digital Learning Team (DLT) do for you?
    Who are we? Highly motivated and experienced educators who support teachers, staff, administrators, and curriculum teams in creating future-ready learning environments.

    How can we help you? Whether it is helping you earn a Google Certified Educator certificate, getting ideas for how to use Chromebooks in your classroom, or needing a hand to hold through the basics, this team is here to support you! We can: 
    - Plan with your team
    - Model and Co-teach
    - Professional development for you/your team (conference periods, before/after school, whole staff, PLCs)

    Contact Us! pisd.edu/DLT

    The DLT supports district initiatives such as the 1:1 Chromebook rollout and online textbook support. Each specialist supports multiple curriculum areas and coordinates campus technology professional learning at over 70 campuses across the district. 

    ETSI (Educational Technology Success Initiative) is a summer professional learning experience, created by the Digital Learning Team, designed to empower ed tech leaders on each campus. pisd.edu/etsi

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