• Changing Student Platform/Environment/Content

    When I look at my students, why are they listed at the wrong grade level? 

    Dreambox adapts to student’s content mastery. So if a First Grade student is seeing Kinder content, it’s because they have yet to show mastery of Kinder to move on to First. 

    How can I change the content for a student?

    Dreambox is an adaptive software that adjusts based on student mastery of the material. There is no placement test and you cannot graduate them to different levels. What you can do is assign a focus.

    Assign Focus: https://support.dreambox.com/s/article/AssignFocus-How-to-Create-Assignments-School-Teachers-and-Administrators

    How can I change the platform/environment?

    Teachers can manually move students from the K-2 to the 3-5 Environment through the Insight Dashboard. The new environment only changes the student's interface, not the lesson content. This means students will still have access to lessons in the K-2 curriculum. Students will maintain all of their tokens without compromising their current learning path. Instructions below: