• Nearpod for Campus/District Administrators

    Each campus will be assigned a Nearpod Administrator who will have the ability to do the following to organize Nearpod lessons in their School Library:

    • create folders
    • place lessons in folders
    • delete lessons

    Each curricular area has a district Nearpod Administrator who can place Nearpods that teachers/specialists have created into the district Nearpod library for any PISD educator to access. 

    District/School Library Workflowarrow right

    District Library

    1. Classroom teacher shares editable Nearpod lesson with District Administrator.

    2. District Administrator makes changes (if necessary) and adds the Nearpod to the correct folder in the District Library.

    Done! Anyone in the district can now add a copy of this Nearpod lesson to their personal Library. 

    School Library

    1. Classroom teacher shares Nearpod to the School Library.

    2. Campus Administrator puts the Nearpod in the correct folder as designated by the campus level stakeholders. 

    Done! Anyone on campus can now add a copy of this Nearpod lesson to their personal library. 

    Need rights to edit District/School libraries?

    Contact a member of the Digital Learning Team to request access. 


    Visit http://nearpod.com/resources for videos and instructional material. The self-paced webinars are awesome!

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