• Using the Test Generator

    The ExamView Test Generator includes two separate components:

    Question Bank Editor – used to create and edit question banks. Question banks are the source files of questions that appear on a test. Question banks are organized by chapter, but can also be searched by criteria such as TEKS. All Math test banks are available in both English and Spanish.

    Test Builder – Creates tests using one or more question banks that you (or other PISD teachers) have previously created. A test may include up to 250 questions drawn from any number of question bank files.

    Getting Started

    • Launch ExamView Test Generator which is located in the Administrative Tools folder.
    • Once the program launches, you will get this screen. Just click on it once to move on.
    • Enter the program's password when prompted.___________________ (ask your curriculum coordinator or CTA for the password)

     Creating a New Test

    • Click on Create a new test in the Startup box. Click OK.
    • In the Test Title field, title your test. Click

    NOTE:  Take careful consideration about how you name your tests. Creating appropriate titles for your tests will help to keep them well organized.

    • You see a blank test with only a title.
    • From the Select menu, you can choose various ways to select questions. Usually you will choose While Viewing.
    • In the Select Questions window navigate to the desired test bank file(s). Locations may vary. (Testbanks provided by textbook publishers are located on the Y: drive.)
    • Once you have located the appropriate folder, highlight the desired bank(s) and click Select to access questions. (To select multiple files within the same folder, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting files.) Click Next.
    • You will see a pop up window containing all of the questions from the test banks you selected. Read through the questions and click the small box next to the questions you want to add to your test. Any question with an empty box next to it will not be on your test. 
    • Once you have made all of your selections, click Finish. Your test will appear on your screen (see image below).

    Selecting questions By Criteria

    • Choose By Criteria from the Select
    • Decide what criteria you want to use and click the button to the right of the space. In this example, we have chosen state standard.
    • At the bottom of the dialog box, you will see how many questions are aligned to the TEKS you have chosen.
    • In the Select box, type in the number of questions you want. Then click the Select The questions will automatically be placed in the test.
    • Repeat the process if you want to choose questions from another TEKS.

    Formatting the Test

    Browse through the test and answer key to make sure that it is formatted as desired. Here are a few things you can change:

    • If the Answer Key contains more information than desired, go to the Test menu and select Layout. Deselect all options under Show On Answer Key that you do not want to be displayed.
    • On the same screen, you can also adjust the spacing between questions. Space can be increased in increments of 6 pt (which is the equivalent of about ½ line space).
    • Other options for changing the look of your test can be found under the Style tab.


    Adjusting answer choices/columns

    At times you might want to modify the test so that the questions are the same, but a student is given fewer choices. Here is how you can make those adjustments:

    • Go to the Question menu, and select Adjust Choices/Columns.
    • Select Reduce choices for multiple choice questions: and set the number of choices that will be offered per question.
    • If you want to adjust the number of columns for your answer choices, click the second option and decrease or increase the number columns.

    Adding additional spacing for answer selections

    To increase the spacing between answer choices, you must adjust the formatting for each question individually.

    • Double-click one of the questions.
    • Highlight question and answers to select everything (or press Ctrl-A).
    • Go to the Format menu and select Paragraph.
    • Change the Line Spacing to Double.
    • Click the Record button to save the changes.
    • Repeat this process for all questions.

    Changing the font of an entire test

    If you want to change the font type for an entire test at one time, go to the Edit menu and select Replace Fonts. Choose the new font you want to use for your test.


    Printing the Test

    • Select Print from the File
    • Designate the number of versions of the test that you want to print. Select the options for the test. Each test version will have a different identifier in the upper right corner of the test. (e.g., A, B, C, etc.) Each version will have its own answer key.
    • Calculate new algorithm values will create a new question with new values on each version of your test. This is only available on questions that are marked with a to the left of the question.

    Editing Preferences

    Some of the adjustments that have been discussed in this handout can be set for all new tests that you will be creating. Go to the Edit menu and select Preferences.


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.