• Zoom Tips for Students

    1. Prerequisite: Install the Zoom app from the Web Store on your Chromebook. (If on an iPad, install the Zoom iOS app and sign in using your PISD Google account).

    2. Watch the video below to learn how to join Zoom from Google Classroom. Here are the steps:

    1. Open the class in Google Classroom.
    2. Open (launch) the Zoom link that your teacher published.
    3. Enter your screen name which is your first and last name. Click Join.
    4. You will be placed in the waiting room until the host (teacher) starts the meeting and admits you.
    5. Choose to join with or without video. That's it!

    Note: The student's Google account already had the Zoom app installed in this video.

How to Join Zoom from Google Classroom on a Chromebook