• Zoom Video Conferencing

  • About Zoom

    Zoom is a webinar platform that lets you connect with other users who also have access to Zoom inside and outside of the school district.

    • To use Zoom on a desktop, you will need to first install it from the App Depot. (See instructions below)
    • To use Zoom on a Chromebook see these instructions on the Zoom website
    • User limit: 50 users
    • Time limit: 45 minutes
    • You can chat, share your screen, and record a Zoom webinar. Note that some of these features can only be accessed/activated by the Zoom moderator, the person who creates the meeting.

    Getting Started

    Visit the Zoom support page for instructions and videos on how to use this platform: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/categories/200101697

  • Install the app

    On a Desktop

    1. Install Zoom from the App Depot. 

    2. YOU MAY OR MAY NOT SEE THIS POP-UP DEPENDING ON YOUR SETTINGS. During the installation, if you see this window, check “Remember my choice . . .” then click on Launch Application.

    launch zoom

    3. Once the installation is complete, click OK. A shortcut will automatically be added to your desktop. 

    zoom desktop icon

  • Sign in

    1. Launch the Zoom app from your desktop.

    zoom desktop app

    2. Select the "Sign in with Google" option. Use your PISD email address and network password. 

    3. Follow the prompts to activate your account and update your profile.  

  • Join a Meeting

    Zoom linked in email

    • It is likely that the meeting moderator sent you an email with the Zoom meeting link embedded in it. Open that email, click on the link, and Zoom will load for you. Be sure to have followed the Zoom installation steps above.

    Meeting ID

    • If you do not have the meeting hyperlink in an email but you do have the Meeting ID, then you can: 
      • Launch the Zoom app from your desktop. 
      • Click "Join a Meeting". 
      • Enter the meeting ID given to you by the moderator.


    • If you join a meeting in which you would like to only be a viewer and not verbally participate, check the boxes to turn off audio and video when joining the meeting. 

    join zoom meeting

  • Zoom Support