• Legacy Photography is Plano East photography company.  Below are details about how to contact them and find pictures students have taken.

    Legacy Studios


    Customercare@legacystudios.com 716-512-6336


    How do parents schedule senior photos?

    Seniors.legacystudios.com Plano East direct link https://seniors.legacystudios.com/plano-east-senior-high-school-plano-tx/


    How and when do parents order senior photos? 2-3 weeks after photo day a link will be emailed to the parent with emails provided by the student during the photo day session letting them know digital proofs are available. From there, pricing will be available, and parents will be able to purchase photos. If parents have issues receiving the email, they can use the attached flyer to find their photos.



    How and when do parents receive senior photos?

    Legacy Studios mails portraits and any other items ordered to the student’s home, not school


    How and when do parents order underclassmen photos?

    On photo day students will receive a QR card with a direct link to view and order photos. photos are available in 10-14 days online to view. If the QR card does not make it home parents can use the attached flyer to locate their images.


    How and when do parents receive underclassmen photos?

    Photo orders will bulk ship back to the campus.

    How do I find my students code?

    Go to www.legacyfindmycode.com